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 Dega turns Imagine for Olympics broadcast

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مُساهمةموضوع: Dega turns Imagine for Olympics broadcast   الأربعاء أغسطس 10, 2016 3:26 am

Dega turns Imagine for Olympics broadcast

Michelle Clancy
| 10 August 2016

Imagine Communications has supplied Dega Broadcast Systems with a fully configured Platinum IP3 router to support Olympics coverage.

olympics rio2016The IP-based router will serve as the central point of control for the on-site facilities Dega is building for the BBC in Rio de Janeiro for the summer Olympics.

Dega, a UK-based systems integration specialist, is also using additional infrastructure products from Imagine, including converters and distribution amplifiers, running to about 30 frames of distribution equipment, plus test and measurement equipment. The networking and infrastructure components from Imagine Communications provide control and signal management capabilities for the state-of-the-art production facility Dega is constructing in South America.

Imagine Communications and Dega collaborated on a similar project four years ago. The London Games technical systems for the BBC, led by chief engineer Richard Morgan, who is also overseeing operations in Rio, previously used Dega-integrated Imagine Communications hardware in its critical systems.

“It is the scale of the project that makes it an interesting challenge,” said John Cleaver, director of Dega. “We are building facilities at the International Broadcasting Centre in Rio, and linking it to the studios at Copacabana. There are 45 feeds coming in from the host broadcaster and 30 unilateral feeds plus the studio; the output is to two broadcast networks and to 24 online and interactive streams, effectively a channel per sport. We built this for the London games four years ago, and the BBC has entrusted us to do the same for them in Brazil.”

Once the main event is finished in Rio, much of the equipment will be used for the companion Paralympics international event for athletes with physical disabilities.

“The Platinum was the best package for us and for the production,” Cleaver explained. ''The number of circuits, the need to shuffle the audio tracks to meet the delivery requirements, synchronisation across so many inputs and outputs: it meets the functionality we need, and it represents good value for the money.”
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Dega turns Imagine for Olympics broadcast
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