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 Global endorsement for UAE’s TV ratings service

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مُساهمةموضوع: Global endorsement for UAE’s TV ratings service   الخميس يوليو 28, 2016 5:39 am

Global endorsement for UAE’s TV ratings service

   Rebecca Hawkes
   | 28 July 2016

The UAE’s TView television audience measurement (TAM) service has been designated as meeting international standards, following an audit by Centre d’étude des supports de Publicité (CESP).

L R Roy Haddad and Keld NielsenThe latest CESP audit is the third consecutive annual audit of TView, which this year crossed the media industry benchmark of a TV ratings service having active panellist participation of more than 85%, among other improvements.

The endorsement reinforces the Kantar Media-designed daily ratings service for its accuracy, accountability, transparency, representativeness, demographic scale, and active participation of panellists, which exceeds the benchmark set by CESP and the industry.

CESP concluded that “... the research design and deployment of the TView TV audience measurement system is aligned with international standards. The TView TV audience measurement system can be used by the UAE media industry”.

Director of WPP MENA, Roy Haddad (pictured, left), said: “The endorsement from CESP, following two waves of a thorough audit, has reinforced the Kantar Media TView service as the most accurate measurement service for the UAE television industry, and this will prove to be a catalyst for fuelling growth in the television advertising market. With this solid audience measurement data, clients will gain greater confidence as they will have better insights into the returns on their investments. Furthermore, the most dynamic media market in the MENA region, the UAE, is assured of a world-class, data driven television audience measurement system, allowing TV broadcasters to develop more relevant content for their respective audiences”.

Keld Nielsen (pictured, right), global chief client officer and managing director, EMEA, Kantar Media, added: “In a dynamic environment of changing media consumption habits, measurement methodologies need to provide advertisers and channel operators with critical and verifiable data on viewership and demographics to determine media spending and investments.

“The TView service has been endorsed as the leading solution in the UAE. It is the only TV measurement system that delivers daily audience data on channels, content and advertisements.”

TView is funded and endorsed by leading media players in the Emirates, including the National Media Council, the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, twofour54, Abu Dhabi Media, Etisalat, Rotana Media and Sharjah Media, among others.
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Global endorsement for UAE’s TV ratings service
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