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 A+E Networks plans Crime + Investigation Asia specials

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مُساهمةموضوع: A+E Networks plans Crime + Investigation Asia specials   الجمعة يوليو 22, 2016 7:00 am

A+E Networks plans Crime + Investigation Asia specials

   Rebecca Hawkes
   | 22 July 2016

A+E Networks Asia has embarked on the production of four original Crime + Investigation Asia specials as part of a monthly anthology series.

crimeinvestigationThe latest installment in the series – which is the leading English factual entertainment channel among cable TV viewers aged 15 or over in Singapore according to recent data from Kantar Media – investigates infamous criminal cases in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

The Indonesian programmes comprise dramatic reenactments with prominent actors, Ario Bayu, Fauzi Baadilla, Donny Alamsyah, Samuel Rizal, and the support of the Indonesian Police including interviews with director of the Jakarta Metropolitan Police Crime and Investigation department, Krishna Murti, SIK, M.Si.

“CI is among the top networks in Asia dedicated to the fascinating world of true crime. This new installment of Crime + Investigation Asia is testament to our continued commitment to being the leader in investigating and uncovering the true crime stories that shook Asia and made headlines,” said Michele Schofield, senior vice president, programming & production, A+E Networks Asia.

The first episode, Cleansing Kalijodo, will air on 30 July at 8.05pm (SIN/HK time) and centres on a gang-controlled slum that erupts into violence when the brother of one of the gang leaders is killed. The second episode, Drug Runner Lover airs on 27 August, while the third episode, The Mafia Manager is scheduled for transmission on 24 September. A fourth episode, The Cult Of The Black Jesus, is about Steven Tari, a notorious cult leader in Papua New Guinea. The transmission date is yet to be announced.
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A+E Networks plans Crime + Investigation Asia specials
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