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 Cinépolis KLIC powers TVOD with Elemental, Amazon

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مُساهمةموضوع: Cinépolis KLIC powers TVOD with Elemental, Amazon   الثلاثاء يونيو 28, 2016 8:29 am

Cinépolis KLIC powers TVOD with Elemental, Amazon

   Gabriel Miramar-Garcia
   | 28 June 2016

Mexico’s Cinépolis KLIC transactional video on-demand (TVOD) service has deployed Elemental and Amazon Web Services cloud technology.

Cinpolis KLICCinépolis KLIC has more than 1,200 movies titles on offer, mostly blockbusters, and is expected to experience six-fold growth from 2015 to 2016. It employs the cloud platform to tap into Mexico’s over-the-top (OTT) TV and multiscreen market. The OTT market in Mexico is the fastest growing in Latin America with five million video-on-demand (VOD) OTT subscribers by the end of 2015 as forecast by research firm Dataxis.

The KLIC TVOD service complements Cinépolis’s position as the fourth largest cineplex chain in the world, with more than 830,000 seats. The company operates 506 cinema complexes in 13 countries including Mexico, India and the United States. The company uses its presence in cinemas to promote its OTT service, offering promotions so theatre-goers receive a free movie rental from Cinépolis KLIC.

“With Cinépolis KLIC, we are leading a new era of premium multiscreen and OTT content delivery in Mexico and across Latin America,” said Marco de la Cruz, deputy director of Cinépolis KLIC. “By leveraging the flexibility and scalability of Elemental Cloud, we can offer rich services without building a dedicated infrastructure while simultaneously accelerating time-to-market and avoiding large capital expenditures.”

Cinépolis KLIC uses Elemental Cloud to process source content from studios. This content is stored in Amazon S3 and delivered securely via the Amazon CloudFront content delivery network to the broad range of connected devices available in the Mexican marketplace. Elemental software-defined video solutions transcode video content for multi-protocol, multi-DRM delivery, which can easily scale in the cloud as Cinépolis continues its expansion around the world.

“Cinépolis KLIC is pioneering a new level of consumer experience in the theatrical content realm,” said Dan Marshall, SVP, worldwide field operations at Elemental. “We are happy to play a role in supporting this effort as the Cinépolis KLIC service expands, both at home and around the world.”

Elemental has logged a series of deals lately, including with Satellite Telecommunications Network (STN), which is using Elemental HEVC video processing to power the unified headend delivery of broadcast and OTT TV content.
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Cinépolis KLIC powers TVOD with Elemental, Amazon
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